The Longest Stopover

How do you define ‘longest’? How about ‘stopover’? Basically, these two words oppose each other. defines ‘longest’ as ‘having considerable duration in time’ while ‘stopover’ as ‘a brief stop in the course of a journey, as to eat, sleep, or visit friends’. Is it possible to have a brief stop for a long period of time? The answer is yes. The poem that you’re about to read is the written proof…

The Longest Stopover
Joel Buensalida

You let me in; I let you out
It was so quiet and steady


We were both enjoying our time
We were smiling and believing

We were both young and innocent
We were letting the days pass by

We were both thinking forever
We were hiding and then seeking

We were both wary and reckless
We were laughing until we cry


We are apart from each other
We are living our separate lives

We are on our own at no cost
We are happy; I think we are

We are free and independent
We are friends aiming to revive

We are two separate beings
We are who we currently are

I let you in; you let me out
It’s over now and we’re ready

‘The Longest Stopover’ is my 125th poem under ‘The Return Of The Fonts’ chapter. It was written while listening to the songs of The Goo Goo Dolls on my iPod Nano 3G. It is a plain and simple poem that needs no explanation and deep understanding. It is what you just have read…


8 thoughts on “The Longest Stopover

  1. very well said.. clap clap clap.. It’s over now and we’re ready.. i think there is no over.. its the only beginning.. 🙂

    1. ang ideya na may bumabasa at nagkukumento sa mga gawa ko ay isang malaking achievement na para sa akin. di matutumbasan ng bayad o pera ang hatid na naidudulot ng mga “hits” at “comments” sa blogposts ko. salamat sa pagbasa, mommy hazel. hehe

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