Happy Cube for Dummies

I’m very thankful that I was given a chance to be a part of the ‘Happy Cube’. During my short stay, I was able to bond with all of them even at the very least. This bonding led me deeper on the aspect of knowing their hidden talents – talents that are not commonly acknowledged in the workplace; talents that are best shared with everyone else.

Now, read on.


Cristien Crisostomo

I’m afraid to loose my ring, for it is my father’s remembrance
I’m afraid to loose my watch, for I may never know the time I’m spending
I’m afraid to loose my money, for I may never buy needed things
I’m afraid to loose my necklace, for it is my father’s gift to me
I’m afraid to loose my clothes, for I don’t want to walk naked
I’m afraid to loose my house, for I may never have shelter for tomorrow
I’m afraid to loose these things, until I realized that these are just mere earthly things

I’m afraid to loose my mother, for I may never replace her in my heart
I’m afraid to loose my sisters, for with them I get my strength
I’m afraid to loose my relatives, for I may never trace my origin
I’m afraid to loose my friends, for they have been my partners in some ways
I’m afraid to loose the girl that I love, for I may never feel again the warm love and care that she gave me in return
I’m afraid to loose these important persons in my life, until I realized that these special persons were given to mold me to be a better being
I’m afraid to loose these things and persons that I possess now, until I realized that the most important possession in this world is “faith in GOD”
I’m afraid to loose my possession until I realized that my most valuable possession is GOD in my heart

I’m not afraid to loose my life

if my family is stable enough to survive
if I have shared it with others
if I have touched other’s life
if I’ll be a life gainer for my neighbor
if I have brought joy in my simple ways
if I’ve been a good example for others
if I have saved a soul or two
if someone have been reconciled with GOD through me
if my mission on earth have been fulfilled
lastly, if it is my CREATOR’S will

Now, I’m not afraid to loose the most important thing that GOD gave me for I know that I make use the best out of it


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A Tribute for my Husbandangel

At first I know I have completely failed to notice
What I felt inside coz in this feeling I am novice
I thought of you just simply a passerby
I never knew I’ll love you as days will go by

When you’re not around and I’m all alone
I find myself singing a song
At times like this, my mind is beyond skyline
Thinking of you and hoping you’re fine

I still can’t believe that you are mine
Always there for me for all of time
How did I find you is still an enigma
Loving you more than myself is not even my agenda

I cannot fathom why God gave you to me
But I’m very thankful I hope that He’d see
That’s when I have come to realize
You’re my angel in disguise

Rest assure that I will love you never
My husbandangel now and forever


Let me end this post by sharing to you the 5th Commandment of Vlad, “Hindi bale nang walang tulog… Kaysa naman walang gising!”. Now signing off.


2 thoughts on “Happy Cube for Dummies

  1. Being a “Happy Cube” member is fulfilling.
    Especially with the memories that we had shared. Hope those memories lingers and be remembered. Hope those memories be forever and always to share.
    Hope those memories made you someone that you are today.
    Hope those memories would make you smile everytime you get back on them.
    Hope that being part of the “Happy Cube” had made a difference in you.
    Thanks for sharing your talents to us as we will always cherish them.

    – another literary product inspired by your thought. Asking me for another title? I would say, be my guest, It is your to give…

    1. Ikaw ba naman na mapabilang sa isang happy cube na kinabibilangan ng mga taong may iba’t-ibang katangian, isang pagkakataon yun na hindi talaga makakalimutan kahit sino man. Wala pa akong maisip na ibigay na titulo sa ginawa mong literary work. Pero saludo ako sa’yo.

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