Double-header: Tribal Wars and My Brute

Tribal Wars homepage states: Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory.

I started playing this online game last February 2009. At first, I have no idea on how it was being played. But along the way, I was able to understand and explore the flow of the game. By the way, my Tribal Wars account was named and dedicated to my late dog, bizkit.

I created my first village, dogville, in World 21. It was an offensive village that was nobled a couple of months ago. After being nobled, I restarted building my new village in a different continent. As of this writing, bizkit is ranked 5,417th overall with 752 points and 19,174 defeated troops in World 21.

My second village was constructed in World 35. It was a defensive village that was also nobled a month ago. By far, it is the best village that I have created. Why?

  1. This is where I was closed in constructing an Academy;
  2. This is where I learned on how to ‘heavy’ farm other villages;
  3. This is where I almost won all of the scouting attempts of my enemies; and
  4. This is where I defeated 50,047 troops.

As of this writing, bizkit is ranked 15,412nd with 289 points in World 35.

Aside from Worlds 21 and 35, my other active villages are located in Worlds 37 and 39. These two villages are new and un-nobled (yet). I won’t be sharing any statistics right now. Spies might be around. haha


Settle your differences in the arena!

It’s My Brute homepage‘s tagline. Yeah! Ain’t it cool? This flash game was introduced to me by a colleague. Unlike Tribal Wars which is a strategic game, My Brute is a game of luck. All you have to do is to play your brute three times a day in order for it to gain experiences, skills, and weapons. Pupils also play an important part for levelling up in this game. Here are my brutes as of this writing:

poggan – Level 9 male brute with 71 victories and 1 pupil.

miss gandita – Level 9 female brute with 68 victories and no pupil.

mister pogito – Level 9 male brute with 64 victories and no pupil.

Now, click the name of my brutes and let’s settle our differences in the arena. Fight my brutes and become my pupil!


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