Something Unsung: Lifeless

Joel Buensalida

Welcomed by a sound so loud
Speaker projects like a cloud
Nine winks took eight-hour sleep
Less than yesterday’s naptrip
Points falling down like a rain
Bow and arrow sign in the brain
Stormy outside the weather’s bad
Boy in him agaping so sad
Then a siren blinded the eye
Sight of crash love at first try
Out of nowhere a blast from past
Times like this when the worth went trust
Full of flying thoughts on the head
First heard to you all had been said
Juice of the skin flows like river
Side B playing new wave fever
Blisters appearing with a style
Lists of parts were missing on file
Name the tune sounds like a chess game
Over and over but it’s all the same
Nesting the wound looking for a cure
All failed there’s one thing for sure
Fired up everytime you’re near
By this mind full of nonsense fear
Some bored the words inside the mouth
Piece of cake was viewed inside out
Looking at you
Are you looking at me?
Living it out lifelessly



  • ‘Lifeless’ is the 79th poem that was written last July 25, 1999 under ‘Something Unsung’ chapter.
  • All of the 28 poems under chapter, ‘Something Unsung’, were written between 1999 and 2000.
  • The words, ‘something unsung’, appeared significantly and redundantly on the 28 poems.

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