Drop List: CABAL Death Giant Captain

Death Giant Captain is one of the Boss monsters in the Undead Ground (235, 235). This Level 119 monster respawns every one minute near the entrance of Patren’s dungeon. For you to be able to enter the Undead Ground, you must be at Level 80 or higher.

CABAL Death Giant Captain

CABAL Death Giant Captain

The Drop List that I’ll be posting here are actual items that I have obtained from the Boss monster. This list will be updated once new loots are obtained.

Pherystin Crystal
Pherystin Crystal +2
Pherystin Orb
Pherystin Orb +1
Titanium Blade
Titanium Blade +1
Titanium Blade +3
Titanium Katana +1
Titanium Great Sword +1
Titanium Great Sword +2
Titanium Daikatana

Osmium Battlesuit
Osmium Battlehelm
Osmium Battleboots (1 slot)
Osmium Battlegloves (1 slot)
Osmium Armorsuit
Osmium Armorhelm
Osmium Armorboots
Osmium Armorboots +3
Osmium Armorgloves
Osmium Martialhelm
Osmium Martialhelm (1 slot)
Osmium Martialgloves

Force Core(High)

Dungeon Entrance:
Epaulet of the Dead

Craft Material:
Shape Cartridge (Battle Set/Lv3)
Air Disc(Lv3)
Bloody Disc(Lv3)
Dark Disc(Lv3)
Flame Disc(Lv3)

Chaos Lamp

Halloween Ticket

Aside from the items, there are also decent Alz amount being dropped by the Death Captain Giant.


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